Overview Literature
  • Using all four twisted pairs delivers power more efficiently
  • Supports all IEEE802.3 standards
  • PoE enables smarter, more advanced controls and integration

As a Cisco® Solution Technology Integrator, Molex integrates Cisco catalyst switches into the Transcend system. The catalyst switch with four pairs Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) (IEEE802.3bt) is an efficient mechanism for power delivery since it uses all four twisted pairs within the Ethernet cable to deliver power, as opposed to two twisted pairs used by PoE Plus. This effectively reduces the channel power losses, compared to the PoE Plus. Moreover, the recommendation published by cabling standards (ISO/IEC and TIA/TR-42) indicate that IEEE802.3bt can be supported over the same standard cabling infrastructures that conform to PoE Plus requirements. Transcend PoE Lighting System supports all IEEE802.3 standards.

The Molex partnership with Cisco makes Transcend convergence over IP extremely simple without compromising reliability, security, efficiency, maintenance or lifetime.