• Design Tool for initial configuration
  • Facility Manager Tool for live statuses, error reporting and sensor feedback
  • Field Tool for on-site testing and reference via a smart device
  • User Tool for selecting and adjusting lighting scenes

Molex Transcend Software includes several tools to design, commission, test and control the entire system. Commissioning engineers and facility designers can use the Design Tool to configure a building’s lighting prior to on-site installation. Interactive floorplan views, predesigned light-scenes and a drag-and-drop interface allow for fast layout of sensors, building lighting policies and user zones.

After installation, the Facility Manager Tool offers a bird’s eye view of the entire building, with live statuses, error reporting and sensor feedback. The simple interface provides immediate access and control for any zone, allowing instant troubleshooting.

The Field Tool provides site engineers with on-site reference and testing via a smart device, enabling real-time support during commissioning and testing.

The User Tool allows selecting from a range of carefully designed lighting scenes that include bio-adaptive and sensor responsive features to support work or relaxation.